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Mote Park

For the best in local fishing, in the heart of Maidstone, Mote Park is hard to beat. For many years, it has been nartionally renowned for the large bream (often over 7lb, in large numbers), and the quality of its roach fishing. If you are in search of that elusive 2 pounder, this probably offers your best chance in the area.

Some of the swims are a bit awkward, many requiring the use of waders or a platform, but there are ample swims with easy access for the less enthusiatic, and there is a program to install fishing platforms. Fish can be found in any swim, generally roach on the inside, with bream at distance, but that can only ever be a generalisation. Basically, all baits and methods will produce bites.

In recent years, the carp fishing has improved, with double figure fish being regularly caught. Large pike are also present, with some good tench and perch.

It is important to remember that this is a public space, and the behaviour of anglers is always under scrutiny, especially from birdwatchers and dog walkers. Please try to be good ambassadors for the club, and the sport generally.

Parking is restricted to the cafe area at the top of the bank, and there is no access for cars (other than blue badge holders) along the wall side. Entry by car is restricted to standard park opening times.


Day tickets are available for this water, but MUST be purchased in advance. They are not available on the bank.

Night fishing is available to night permit holders.

Members may use 3 rod's

No dogs allowed while fishing.




For Day Tickets, Bait and Tackle

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Lymes Disease

Many of our waters are in close proximity to sheep. Changes in sheep management have led to an increase in the incidence of sheep ticks, which can carry a number of diseases.

Click HERE for information on Ticks and disease provided by  Lymes Disease Action.

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