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 HARTLEYLANDS FISHERY (Restrictions Apply)


We are VERY pleased to announce that from January 1st 2012 we will be adding Hartleylands Fishery to our club card.

This is a fabulous complex of 8 lakes near Cranbrook, recognised as one of the leading commercial fisheries in Kent if not the country.

The landscaped lakes range from the larger reservoir to smaller 6-8 swim ponds, and offer a range of fishing, mainly focussed on commercial style carp, but with excellent roach and perch, with the occasional bonus barbel.

To learn more about the complex visit: .


Due to the nature of the fishery, the following rules will apply:

  1. The rules applying to the fishery generally will apply to MVAS members, including lake bookings. (ignorance of these rule will not be an excuse).
  2. The offer is not open to members in their first year of membership. Only anglers who have renewed their MVAS membership at least once will be able to take advantage. New members will be required to purchase a day ticket in the usual manner.
  3. Each member will be allowed 5 trips to the lake during a membership year. Subsequent trips will require the purchase of a day ticket on the bank.
  4. The club card only covers one rod. An additional rod may be used on purchase of a day ticket.


Needless to say, the highest standards of behaviour and fish handling by our members will be expected.

 This is an excellent opportunity to experience some great fishing, especially in the winter when the going can be tough.


For Day Tickets, Bait and Tackle

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Lymes Disease

Many of our waters are in close proximity to sheep. Changes in sheep management have led to an increase in the incidence of sheep ticks, which can carry a number of diseases.

Click HERE for information on Ticks and disease provided by  Lymes Disease Action.

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