Maidstone Victory




After years of being neglected after the construction of the channel tunnel rail link, this lake has been given a new lease of life. From a standing start, new paths have been cut, platforms built, and tench and crucian carp stocked to add to the small number of carp and shoals of roach already present. The lake has 8-10 swims and a similar depth to the Great Danes and Hothfield.

The lake will take time to develop and mature, but will become a valuable addition to our waters.

The lake itsself is a reasonable walk from the car parking, so will suit those who travel light and enjoy fishing quietly.


Due to the size and nature of the fishery the following rules will apply.

1 rod per angler

No Guest or Day Memberships

No Night Fishing

No Keepnets

No Dogs allowed

 Directions to the lake can be found on the Forum under the 'Waters' section.


For Day Tickets, Bait and Tackle

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Lymes Disease

Many of our waters are in close proximity to sheep. Changes in sheep management have led to an increase in the incidence of sheep ticks, which can carry a number of diseases.

Click HERE for information on Ticks and disease provided by  Lymes Disease Action.

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